Cleanup Sprint Update | WoW Addon Community Site

This sprint we worked to polish and cleanup the website code so that it is prepared for the future following our work on it. The current team will be ending our semester of work on this project over the course of the next two weeks, so the site needs to be complete, functional, and readable for whatever future developers pick up the work. Over the past week, the web development team…

  • Finished inserting any remaining content into the site.
  • Removing placeholder or extraneous content.
  • Styling the site for a cohesive and readable look.
  • Displaying proper errors for empty database requests.
  • Replacing sloppy code with readable code.

After presenting the work for this sprint, our team will discuss plans for the future and prepare the site and addon to be uploaded and stored for future work. In the next blog post, I’ll discuss our decisions and the future of the project.

As always, view the site at:



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