Search Sprint Complete, Polish Sprint Ahead! | WoW Addon Community Site

This week the team implemented search functionality to the site. You can now search for a character that has used the addon and synced to the database, and the website queries the database for characters that share that name (or who’s name is similar/partial), and prints a list of characters with dynamic links to their character pages. At this point, the website is fully functional for the purpose of complimenting the addon. In addition, some functional page cleanup was done to make the website serve entirely as an information dump for the addon in project. Some changes:

  • Search page was added, search bar added to top navigation.
  • Home page removed, About page replaces it with information about the project and team.
  • Downloads page content filled, now contains link to Curse download page and instructions for installation.

All that being said, the goal for the next sprint is to polish the site, finish filling in any content that needs to be added, and prepare the project for it’s future, be that in the hands of another team or just in another phase of development. Goals for this sprint:

  1. Finish filling in any content that needs to go on the site (downloads, instructions, images, team information, etc.)
  2. Catch errors and print warnings, etc. for failed page loads or database queries.
  3. Polish up site style and formatting for readability.
  4. Clean up and comment any code for passing to other developers in the future.

As always, check out the site as it stands at

Thanks much for reading,



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