Search Sprint Goals and Plan | WoW Addon Community Site

This sprint is dedication to implementing a strong character searching mechanic into the site and unify the site by linking all references to characters to our new dynamically created character page. Additionally, in anticipation of a relatively easy sprint, extra time will be used to polish up the site as it stands currently.

The goals for this sprint are the following:

  • Implement searching using the code written to display the leaderboards using data fetched from the database and the Blizzard API.
  • Make all characters in the database searchable by name and server.
  • Implement links for all character references to /character.php on the leaderboards page and the search page.
  • Sort the leaderboards page by score.
  • Fix up display style for different sized devices.

Given what we learned about our system (PHP, MySQL, etc.) this next step should be fairly easy. The search page should stylistically appear in the same manner as the leaderboard, but be ordered by relevancy to search term as opposed to by score. Character portraits will remain as long as load times aren’t excessive (we will need to populate the database to stress test).

Thanks much for reading.

~ Wes


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