Database Sprint Update #2

Today the website team met to work on interfacing between the community site and the addon database. We accomplished most of the sprint goals, including:

  • Indexing character database entries by name and server, sorted by score.
  • Linking the leaderboard page to the sorted database and dynamically fetching character images from the Blizzard site.
  • Producing a character page dynamically given a name and server using the Blizzard Community Site API and our addon database.

Moving forward, some of this sprint’s goals still need to be finalized, such as:

  • Linking character pages between the leaderboard and search pages with the character PHP page itself.
  • Working on search functionality and producing a populated search page.

In order to move forward, we need to ensure that the database syncs properly with the addon using the download client and populate the database with test entries to begin working on search functionality. The sprint ends tomorrow and will be presented in production studio, where we will move on to a search functionality sprint for the next two weeks. From there, we will begin a finalization sprint to prepare the site to be passed into future development hands.

Thanks much for reading this short update.

~ Wes


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