Database/User System Sprint Progress Update

This week we worked on the backend database and user system for tracking addon score and syncing it with Blizzard character data. We accomplished creating a working database that stores user ID (character name and server) and the user’s addon score for sorting purposes. This syncs up with JSON data stored in directories on the server for tracking additional information about the player such as recently consumed food, achievements, time of last update, etc. Data from the database is fetched and linked to the JSON data to produce the character page and leaderboards page. A user system is not going to be included in the final version of the website, data will be synced between the addon and the community site via a client that assures the addon is always up to date automatically and syncs data with the website.

Overall the website is nearing completion. Before we can complete this sprint some backend database code needs to be wrapped up and polished and the site needs to be filled with content. Our priorities for the future on the website end are:

  1. Complete database and JSON directory functionality.
  2. Link to character pages.
  3. Functional character page searching.
  4. Complete about and download page content.
  5. If possible, fill the homepage with relevant feed content (an if-we-have-time goal).

Thanks much for reading.

~ Wes


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