Community Site | Catch Up and Database/User System Sprint

The purpose of this post is to catch up on content since my last blog as well as explain the purpose of the current sprint goals.

The website is now live in a mockup/test phase on the RIT MAGIC servers at

All of the pages have been structured, styled, and coded and PHP code to fetch and parse data from the Blizzard game servers is now functional and implemented. Data we currently request for characters includes:

  • Name, server, and guild
  • Level, race, class, and specialization
  • Model renders as images

The site is now ready for content. Content that needs to be filled still includes:

  • Home page news feed content
  • About page description
  • Download link and tutorial

Our goal for the next sprint is to implement a user system and player database. The challenge is to create a database that is quickly sortable and can be updated whenever players sync their information between the addon client and the server. The current plan is to use a sortable database that contains the indices for player data stored in JSON files so that mass amounts of information don’t need to be moved around during sorts, only information relevant to leaderboard scores needs to be altered. The plan is to use a MySQL server in conjunction with the JSON, and implement a user system package we know is secure and consistent.

The defined goal for this sprint is:

  • Progressively fill in site content
  • Create a player database that syncs with addon and Blizzard JSON
  • Implement a user system

Thanks much for reading.


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