WoW Addon Community Site | Sprint 2 Progress

This week the team focused on establishing a handshake for communicating between the addon and the community site. The plan is to store locally obfuscated data containing the player’s stats, including score, last food eaten, and achievements earned. This data will be deobfuscated and uploaded to the community site in JSON format, then interpreted by the community site when the character pages are pinged. The same method will be used for interpreting JSON data fetched from the Blizzard Community Site for accessing game data for a given character.

Personally, I spent the majority of my work this week on implementing PHP parsing and JSON as well as finding server space suitable for the project. Space is in the process of being established, but for now the site will be uploaded to a temporary location.

It’s important to keep focused, the goals for sprint 2 are:

  • Establish and implement a line of communication between the community site and addon and Blizzard data.
  • Begin fleshing out and styling the site in Bootstrap.
  • Finish mocking the remaining pages of the site.
  • Begin styling the site.

Thanks much,



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