WoW Addon Community Site | Sprint 2

This week resolved our first sprint working on the community site for a WoW addon designed to teach users about diabetes through an interactive experience. Our goals for this sprint were to plan and mockup the website and establish a plan for fetching information from the game servers and communicating with the addon. As of this weekend, we have accomplished the following:

  • Created mockup images of the major website pages
  • Created a skeleton of the site in Bootstrap
  • Conducted research on communicating with game server information and fetching data from the addon
  • Began looking through fan site packages and Blizzard terms of use

For the second sprint, we will begin fleshing out the actual site and communicating between the client and the site. Our plan is to fetch the game data through the Blizzard site and use PHP to parse the JSON, To accomplish this, we need to:

  • Mock up the remaining pages of the website
  • Start styling the Bootstrap skeleton using the fan site package
  • Upload our site to the web and start practicing actual communication and data fetching.

Thanks much for reading.



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