WoW Addon Community Site Dev Blog 1 | Introduction and Sprint 1

This blog is being re-purposed as the development blog for my new student project. I am the product owner for a sub-team within a larger project working on an add-on for World of Warcraft to educate players about diabetes and simulate/reflect real world nutrition and activity within a digital environment. My team is working on a community site that will engage users, aggregate relevant pages, host the addon, and let players compare stats and strategies.

For our introductory sprint, we plan to

  • Design the skeleton of the website and outline the work that needs to be done.
  • Begin to learn Bootstrap and Google Apps to build the site and access data.

Between up the work between our three team members

  • I will mock up the design of the website and find a color scheme
  • Noel will begin working on HTML and bootstrap
  • Kevin will work on integrating the website with the client (WoW addon)

The product of the sprint will be a skeleton web page and a team knowledge of the systems and tools necessary to further development.

Thanks much,



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