Carrier Dev Blog 11 | Crunch Time and Polish

This weekend the Carrier team sat down at the labs to work on the game for crunch time. We accomplished the following work:

  • Implemented enemy art assets.
  • Implemented damaged-state art assets.
  • Embedded and implemented text fonts for scoring.
  • Polished and recolored environment for cohesion.
  • Progressed on enemy code, ground vehicles and air vehicles now work properly and animate.
  • Implemented a temporary menu system.
  • Added impact collision particles for responsiveness.
  • Implemented acceleration reduction due to carrying heavier items.
  • Player can now die and restart the game.
  • Fixed many, many bugs.

Still much more to be done:

  • Finish enemy AI and progression.
  • Populate the world with non-enemy props.
  • Fix winch animations.
  • Implement the remaining art assets.
  • Fix remaining bugs.
  • Implement leaderboards.
  • Build to Android.

Apologies for the short post, development is full speed at the moment.

~ Wes


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