Carrier Dev Blog 10 | Non-Gamer Playtest

Over Thanksgiving break I playtested Carrier with some friends and family who aren’t gamers to get feedback from a crowd that don’t have the intuitive sense for games people who regularly play games do acquire. Some important notes include:

  • The winch is difficult to understand without explanation. For our game, we need to be clear that the winch is the point of interest and explain that in an introductory sequence or tutorial.
  • The concept of destroying things isn’t intuitive. Asking people to break the ordinary laws and rules of life needs a proper explanation, normally destroying apartment buildings and police cars would not be an objective.
  • Our game is mechanically very complicated. We need to train the users with a slow learning curve.

Other than that, not much development occurred over the break outside of what was done just before.

Crunch time soon, updates on the last sprint next week.

~ Wes


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