Carrier Dev Blog 9 | Game Balance Playtest Reflection

This week the Carrier team play-tested our game with enemies implemented. We planned to implement score in addition to enemies but we did not completely flesh out enemies and score came after the play-test. We did get a lot of great feedback on the current state of our game, the most significant of which included:

  • Collisions need impact explosions.
  • Slow everything down.
  • Vary enemy AI.
  • Fix the interaction with world boundaries.
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs.

The team met Saturday to address most of the issues, and implemented many game features that needed to be implemented. The team completed:

  • Enemies spawning over time.
  • Hard collision with world bounds, and redesigned art for world bounds.
  • Player health is now displayed via a colored bar.
  • Score increments when objects are destroyed, displays a ping at the position of the destruction and displays score below the health bar on the UI.
  • Fixed several bugs, including collision bugs and objects continuing to update while held by the winch.

The plan for Thanksgiving break is to play-test out of class and report at the end of the week.

Thanks much for reading.

~ Wes


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