Carrier Dev Blog 8 | Sprint to Balance Playtest

This week the Carrier team is working exceptionally hard to implement enemies and score for the game balance playtest coming up on Thursday.

Throughout the planning phase for this sprint we kept saying “I wish we had made the engine this way so that it would be easier to do x,” so the team met and spent the entire day Saturday updating some old code and cleaning up the project in general. We also fixed several bugs, such as…

  • Text on buildings was highlight-enabled and would interrupt mouse control.
  • Collisions between objects and buildings did not work as intended when an object collided with multiple entities on its decent.
  • Vertical world bounds did not exist.

Also, we included art in the game that polished up the visuals and makes the game look much more complete:

  • Added clouds to the back parallax layer.
  • Added a road that loops with the foreground objects.
  • Added complete art and animations for damaged and destroyed buildings.
  • Added in some art for enemies to be implemented.

Further, we began to build the basis for enemies and non-enemy interactive props:

  • Implemented classes and abstractions for all types of enemies and props.
  • Started to work on code for enemies seeking and following within range of player.

This week, we’ll be implementing enemies and score in preparation for the playtest.

Playtest results next post!

~ Wes


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