Carrier Dev Blog 7 | Playtest 1 Reflection and Putting the “Game” in Carrier

This week we playtested Carrier for the first time out-of-house. The full reflection presentation can be found here, but in general,

  • We wanted to test the fluency of the core mechanics and primitive physics.
  • We wanted to test how the game felt on it’s target platform, the touch screen.

The playtest went very well, and we gained a lot of important feedback. The most important things we learned were:

  • The helicopter needs to be more responsive, especially to conflicting commands.
  • We need to communicate visually and clearly the result of a player action.
  • We are on the right track with development.

On Thursday we began our sprint to playtest 2, during which we plan to implement the game in Carrier. We plan to include enemies and score by the second playtest, because playtest 2 will be a game balance test during which we can tune challenge vs. reward. This week, we will focus on implementing enemies that threaten the player, and we will implement score the following week before the playtest. We haven’t had much time to nail down the specifics of what needs to be developed this sprint, but that’s the direction we’re heading.

More updates next week.

~ Wes


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