Carrier Dev Blog 5 | More Object Interaction Sprint Progress

This week the Carrier team stepped up their game to complete the object interaction sprint. The sprint end date was changed to next Tuesday, so the team has a little extra time to spend the weekend polishing up object interactions.

As of this post, the programming team has successfully implemented:

  • Mouse control movement
  • Looping and parallaxing world (both scenery and game objects)
  • Objects inheriting velocity and angle from winch rope (still needs some polishing)
  • A ground that objects and the helicopter can collide with
  • Being able to pick up and drop items using the winch

We still have a bit of work to do:

  • Objects populating the world at load time
  • The ability to throw objects into buildings given a threshold velocity
  • Differentiating objects by mass/weight
  • An explosion animation and more art

Looking back on the last few sprints, I feel one thing we’ve improved on is including more team members in the simultaneous development process. The programming team has abstracted more of the code so it can be worked on by more than one team member at once. Since Flash doesn’t work flawlessly in an automatic repository system, I set up a manual one for the team on Google Drive that includes a backups folder, current project folder, and change log with a Google Form for submission and Google Spread for data storage. So far it’s been working relatively well, but I’m still working out a few of the inadequacies in my head for the future. For now the team will continue to manually merge a lot of the code which usually works fine.

Thanks for reading.



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