Carrier Dev Blog 4 | Object Interaction Sprint Progress

This week’s schedule was thrown off by a holiday on Monday, so unfortunately not much cumulative work was done by the team. Nonetheless we have stayed in communication about individual work and a few members of the team met today to discuss our progress and plan for the weekend and the upcoming week.

I came to the conclusion that the planned dual-focus of this sprint on both enemies and object interaction was implausible and have limited the focus for the upcoming week to object interactions alone. My hope is that from polished object interactions through a solid core of architecture will make the transition to developing enemies in the next sprint more natural and fluid. The revised objective for the end of this sprint is to implement:

  • Mouse controls
  • Looping and parallaxing world
  • Objects inheriting force/momentum from the helicopter
  • A ground that objects and the helicopter are bounded by
  • Objects that populate the world
  • The ability to throw objects into buildings given a threshold velocity
  • Differentiating objects by mass/weight
  • Art assets for more buildings, objects to be thrown, etc.

Thanks much for reading.

~ Wes


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