Carrier Dev Blog 1 | Introduction

Hey readers! I’m Wes Rockholz, a Game Design and Development major at Rochester Institute of Technology.

In this series of blogs over the next few weeks I’ll be reflecting on progress on my student project for my Game Design and Development II class, Carrier. Carrier is a 2D side-scrolling mobile action-arcade game where you pilot a helicopter with a large winch at the bottom and use it to pick up objects around a city and drop and fling them to wreak havoc and gain points. The game is being prototyped in Flash by a team of 6 students, and I am filling the role of project owner, meaning I command the design of the game, direct the priorities of development, and keep the team organized so that the game stays on track as a marketable product.

We’ll be using a Scrum system for the development process, so we will be dividing the project up into 1-2 week sprints that will each produce a potentially ship-able demo that will grow closer and closer to the final product. For this first week, we plan to run a concept sprint, so that on Thursday we will have concept art, a conceptual physics and controls demo, and thus a visible rendition of the game to discuss and critique. The purpose of the conceptual sprint is to brainstorm ideas, get the team on the same page in terms of the game’s style and design, and hopefully root out any early brick walls in the development process that might become a nuisance later. Basically, the concept sprint should smooth the transition from design phase to development phase.

I look forward to working on the project and sharing my progress here on this blog!

Thanks for reading,



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